Some 53 alleged gang members of fugitive gang ringleader Anel Joseph were arrested in Petite-Riviere and Marchand Dessalines of the Artibonite department, local media reported on Monday.

According to police reports, the detainees tried to escape but were denounced by citizens, and arrested while fleeing in a truck.

Some went to Ferrier (Northeast), others to the Dominican Republic, or Ouanaminte (Northeast), confirmed the departmental director, Jackson Hilaire, at a press conference.

In recent weeks, the police intensified their actions to stop gang members who increase the climate of insecurity in the country, mainly in the capital, and other cities.

The Government also pursues its actions to disarm and reintegrate gangsters to society, and recently the commission in charge announced that their bosses demand the claim of ownership of small businesses, immunity or social insertion.