Investigating magistrate Ramoncite Accime, who is currently in charge of the PetroCaribe file, issued an order to freeze the funds and assets of the people involved in the case.
The lawyer also asked the Anticorruption Unit and the Financial Intelligence Unit to submit a detailed report on the assets’ statements of those affected people, when entering and leaving from state charges.

The judicial dispositions are the first since the case passed to the media agenda in mid-2017, when a Senate investigation revealed that more than 2 billion dollars from the Venezuelan energy program PetroCaribe were embezzled by some 14 former Haitian officials.

Former Heads of Government Laurent Lamothe and Jean Max Bellerive, former Ministers Wilson Laleau, Marie Carmel Jean-Marie, Jacques Gabriel and Stephanie Balmyr Vildrouin, former managing directors of the Office of Monetization of Development Assistance Program, Michael Lecorps and Eustache Saint-Lot, and companies ENERSA and Solar Haiti, Texaco SA, were designated as part of the file.

Haiti signed the PetroCaribe agreement in 2007, which allowed it to access Venezuelan crude oil, along with another 20 countries, at soft prices, and low interest rate.

The substantial savings should be used to attend the serious problems of the nation in food, housing, energy, ecological, health, education and infrastructure.