Security Council meeting on The situation in Haiti. Kuwait

Kuwait has said that UN peacekeeping missions’ recent presence in Haiti has contributed to achieving multiple successes on all levels, including political peace and stability.
Kuwait is sincerely appreciative of all the sacrifices made by UN missions’ personnel to help Haiti restore security, peace, and stability, Kuwait’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaibi said during a UNSC meeting on the situation in Haiti Wednesday night.

The UNSC has recently ended its stabilization mission in Haiti, whose main responsibility was training Haitian national police and helping the government strengthen judicial and legal institutions and monitor human rights, noted Al-Otaibi.

The UNSC has commissioned another peacekeeping mission to resume duties and tasks of its predecessor in supporting the national judicial system, mapping out a strategy to boost UN presence in Haiti, and exerting efforts to preserve all UN successes made within the past few years, he said.
The UN stabilization mission has significantly succeeded in improving levels of competency and professionalism in the Haitian national police forces, he said, adding the impact of such accomplishments was visible on their behavior when dealing with political demonstrations, and ability to maintain public order and security.

The Haitian police’s recent professional development has won it the international community’s respect and appreciation, the Kuwaiti diplomat said, adding the crime rate in that country has decreased significantly due to such an evolution.

Furthermore, the anti-Cholera program in Haiti has currently seen a major progress due to the continued efforts by UN missions and Haitian local authorities, he noted, indicating the recent judicial job recruitments in that country would contribute immensely to enhancing the Haitian legal system.

Al-Otaibi affirmed Kuwait’s keenness to support UN Secretary General’s recommendations and proposals toward forming a special political mission to Haiti tasked with providing consultations, continuing efforts to preserve security, peace, and stability, and keeping up the successes achieved jointly by the UN and Haitian national authorities throughout the past 14 years. (end)